Saturday, April 26, 2014

Working at Mitchell Black

Mitchell Black is kind of hard to describe to people. My coworker and I have a motto on the board: Old+New=Modern. This company makes candles, wall art, plates, and are working on other items for the home.
Here I work on wall art. It's a very delicate process and I've goofed up a few pieces just by getting a nick on the backboard. I'm learning a lot about what makes a company a company and about all the trunk shows and what it takes to build a presence.
I love working here because I deal with art every day and get to use my hands. Plus, it is a lot of fun. We get to exchange our ideas back and forth and talk about everything in between.
Here I am with an unframed piece:

Working at Barrel Maker Printing

Barrel Maker Printing is a screen printing studio. It was a very hot studio. To the point where it was colder on a hot day outside than inside.
I studied printmaking at SAIC so I knew how to screen print. I learned the business aspect of printing for companies, and also what makes a good logo. There was one shirt that was laying around that was pink, and a very large size, with a silhouette of a lady at a table and a caption that read, "Table for One." Not too sure what that was all about but it made a good laugh. In fact, Justin and Erin were both hilarious and made work fun. I kind of miss working there, but I pray they got some air conditioning since then.
photo from instagram 

Working at Steracle Press

Steracle Press is a letterpress studio. Before working here, I had never done anything like it. It was a lot of fun working with Stacey, and she was pretty relaxed despite how stressful it is to work with brides, and a brand new intern that didn't know a thing about letterpress.
When working here I made a lot of wedding invitations, and few business cards. One client was a leather company called Horween (a name I can't ever forget considering we printed thousands). There was also this very ridiculous and intricate wedding card that gave us so many headaches, but is a fun story to tell. We even printed a birthday card for the president.
There's a lot of creativity involved with making invitations and cards. Choosing colors from a book is just the beginning of the process. Adding a side strip of color is another option, as well as glueing two sides together. I had a lot of fun working here, probably the most fun I've had at any internship, and I learned a lot.
picture from instagram

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Adventure Time (Christmas Card)

I made my boyfriend a little Christmas card, a bit early, but I got really excited about it because it is cute and I love Adventure Time. Pardon the sentimental quality of it, but here it is:

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I forgot how much I love colored pencil, and drawing myself. :p
Self Portrait
 color pencil on bristol

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hello! I truly hate commissioned work, especially when people ask me to draw something random for free. That's not nice. But I can't get over how much I love portraits so if any of you out there are interested in a portrait send me an email ( and a photo and any requests.

Here's an example:

Colored Pencil on Board